You Made It

The work You Made It addresses our collective addiction to busyness and Darwinian desire to get ahead. While exploring the line between physical and psychological space, the installation uses neon and intact eggshells to form an environment that integrates the materials with the sacred gallery space. The viewer's mobility is limited as they enter a room with over 10,000 eggshells precariously lined up and a neon sign declaring "you made it." With the inability to travel far, the viewer must decide: leave the space and continue their busy lives; or stay and meditate on the repetition of eggshells, the idea of "making it," and their present environment.

This work was shown in Los Angeles and then later in Miami during Art Basel Miami Beach. At the end of the show in Miami, we held an "eggshell stomp" where the shells were crushed by show attendees and then composted, bringing the materials full circle.