I am an inter-disciplinary artist exploring the line between physical and psychological space through installation and experiential work. Visual rhythm forms the basis for the work on an aesthetic level; and intellectually each series draws upon my personal history of study in behavioral sciences as well as experiences in competitive athletics and the utilization of meditation, visualization, practice and performance to connect mind with body. Expanding on the ideology of minimalism, I often use repetition or seeming simplicity to create a state of visual meditation.

A strict methodology including material investigation, sketching, writing, photography and discussion initiates the process. Generally, concept informs material exploration and final choice at this stage. After establishing the scope of the project through those means, I move on to creation. While the majority of the installation or experience is sketched out beforehand, I leave room for the process of installing to inform the final piece. Process is important to the work as I immerse myself in the idea, followed by material, and finally the realization.